How does it work?
  • Personal coaching consultation to define the client's current situation.
  • Series of physical tests.
  • Personal physical fitness questionnaire.
  • Results report and defining of goals.
  • Training + coaching: personalised one-on-one coaching in combination with physical training sessions. We approach training as a tool for self-discovery and personal change.
  • Personal coaching consultations outside of physical training.
  • Analysis and assessment of the client's current diet and design of a new nutritional programme.
  • Monitoring of nutritional programme.
  • Life Management: organising day-to-day tasks and timetables to help streamline and seek overall coherence and harmony. 
  • Creating a plan focused on therapies (massage, acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy, etc.) that complement the coaching, physical training, nutrition and day-to-day organisation. Everything is aimed at optimising personal performance. 

This programme requires a personalised cost estimate. Please contact us for details.

The best results and performance are obtained through the optimal integration and coordination of individual parts rather than the maximisation of each.
— David Pérez.