Training is the path to being yourself. Training well means acceptance, performing intuitively, being motivated and driven. It means doing the right exercise, the right way.  Knowledge, theory and strategy are important, but not what matters most.  Because what determines your success is not what you want to be, but who you are.

What is Sportevo?

A personalised physical fitness training centre. An unbeatable combination is the ultimate benefit of training at Sportevo.  Thanks to the winning design of our programmes and their impeccable execution, even the toughest moments in your life will feel great. 


What do we do?

We design customised programmes tailored to each individual, both athletes and non-athletes, in the health or high-performance arena in order to help them achieve their goals.


How do we do it?

We start with a preliminary assessment consisting of a stress test, a set of physical tests and a personal questionnaire. Based on the results, we work with the client to define his or her personal goals.

My son is a very good football player. He has a lot of skill, but lacks strength and speed.
— Roc Herms

I had surgery and have been physically inactive for several months. I have to get in shape, but I’m afraid of injuring myself, because I’m very weak.
— Marc Vila


All of our programmes work the five basic components of physical fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility, joint mobility and coordination) proportionately to the needs of the individual. In addition, every programme specifically addresses whatever injuries, discomfort, muscle fatigue or medical conditions the client may have. Our trainers are responsible for running the sessions, and we introduce a new programme every four weeks.  Depending on the client’s circumstances, the session can be modified or changed completely on any given day to adapt to the situation at hand.


I train a lot of hours, but my performance isn’t improving.
— Maria Berenguer

I want to feel good again.
— Manel Capdevila