Post-rehab training and physical conditioning. Designed for people wishing to resume their athletic activity – either for fun or competitively – under the best possible conditions after completing a rehabilitation programme. Doing so helps prevent re-injury or new injuries, common occurrences after an extended period of inactivity.

Personalised programme tailored to each person and the injury in question. We work on specific strength exercises based on the type of injury. We exercise propioception to avoid setbacks or re-injury. Finally, we also improve overall physical fitness through aerobic exercises and working on flexibility, joint mobility, strength and endurance. 

Programme components
  • Medical test to assess physical fitness.
  • In case of injury, doctor's appointment for medical evaluation.
  • Customised design of a personal training programme consisting of 3 weekly sessions.
The training includes
  • Specific strength exercises based on the type of injury.
  • Injury-specific propioception exercises.
  • Improving the ability to run, jump, pivot, etc.
  • Overall physical conditioning adjusted to the period of inactivity and taking into account the client’s individual characteristics and sport of choice.  
  • Session management.
  • Weekly programme readjustment and monitoring.

I had knee surgery and completed rehabilitation, but I’m still not in the best shape to play my sport.
— Maria López