The Ski Season is here! 1,000 people will break the ligaments skiing this year, and more than 15,000 will have some other injury. Will you be one of them? In Sportevo we have designed two specific packs to make it your best ski season.


Training oriented to:
- Improve the stability of the knee.
- Improve proprioception in the knee.
- Stabilize the hip.
- Stabilize the trunk.

1 Session: 50 euros
5 Sessions: 225 euros
10 Sessions: 400 euros

Come train your knees, get in shape for the snow!
— David Pérez


Validity and strength test.
Coordination test and reaction speed.
Training oriented to:
- Improve aerobic endurance
- Improve the stability of the knee
- Improve proprioception in the knee
- Stabilize the hip
- Stabilize the trunk
- Improve flexibility
- Improve coordination

1 Session: 55 euros
5 Sessions: 250 euros
10 Sessions: 450 euros

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